Saturday, December 17, 2005

de Villepin Lies; French Society Dies..

The Socialist French government decided that the politically correct rationale for the Intifada that rocked France was "discrimination", "economic injustice", et al.; and you were a racist if you dared speak otherwise (don't believe me? Look here: But those pesky little things call "facts" keep getting in the way of the French Politburo's story. From E-Nough!:

French counter-terrorism agents have arrested three suspects believed to have "indirect links" to al Qaida in Iraq's leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.
The round-up near Paris was connected to a similar sweep on Monday near the capital
and in the northern Oise region that netted 25 suspects, national police spokeswoman Catherine Casteran said.
During the overnight sweep, police found a stash of weapons in a garage in the suburb of Clichy-sous-Bois, said a police investigator who cannot be identified.
They found several kilograms of explosives, AK-47 and Famas assault rifles, revolvers, ammunition, balaclavas and bullet-proof vests, he said.
Investigators believe the weapons were used to carry out armed robberies in France to finance jihad, or holy war, and that some of the funds may have gone to al-Zarqawi's group

And I'm sure these guys had nothing to do with the Muslims riots that rocked France a month back. Right. And I've got some cheese to sell you...

And on another tragicomic note:

Israeli security chiefs are advising France on riot control.

Israel’s security minister, Gideon Ezra, and the chief of police, Moshe Karadi, flew to Paris this week for meetings with Ezra’s French counterpart, Nicolas Sarkozy, Ha’aretz reported Monday.
According to the newspaper, the French, who last month endured a wave of rioting by disaffected Arab immigrant youths, want to learn from Israeli security experts.
... French officials confirmed the trip by Ezra and Karadi but declined further comment.

The French have spent decades bashing the Isrealis for having the temerity to defend themselves against Muslim terrorists. And look to whom they turn first for help. Wonder how much "outrage" we'll hear from them in the future...
I hope Isreal is exacting a price for the assistance that only they can provide. Not financial, but at least a guarentee of some kind of understanding and support. Let's see how France votes on the next batch of Jew-bashing resolutions that arise at the UN...

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