Tuesday, November 01, 2005

MultiCulturalism - New Jersey Style!

OK, this might be a breach of blogging etiquiette, but I'm going to excerpt a comment recieved on a post in which I blasted multiculturalism...

Its implications are obvious - multiculturalism is a non-working social model. When you immigrate to a new society, to a certain degree you must conform to its norms. {my words - ed.}

That kind of attitude explains a lot about Americans - if it is typical of the kind of attitude that prevails. A word in thine ear, small isolated, and frightened friend...
I was sitting at the traffic lights outside our local intermediate school yesterday. Crossing the road on the pedestrian phase were two young lasses, about 9 or 10. They met up at the school gate with another and skipped into school with their arms round each others shoulders. The two crossing the road; one was white and blonde, the other Chinese. The third waiting at the gate was African. Truly, that sight gave me great joy.

{post being referred to is here: http://jerseynut.blogspot.com/2005/10/britians-race-riots-shhh.html }

OK, let me come out, shaking, from under my rock in New Jersey, and let me tell you how I see the world around me...

I live in a community of around 100 homes. Although the plurality of the families here are white, they are by no means a majority. There is a mix of Asian, black, and Indian families here, and even "white" is a misnomer, as there are many first generation Americans here, Russians and Italians whom were born in the "old country" but now are American citizens. Every weekend there is something different going on in people's homes - people celebrating baptisms, others celebrating the Sabbath, the Indians celebrating...well, whatever it is they party about. Everything is accepted, there is little whispering about this "type" of person or that, and everyone is relatively comfortable.

You know why?

Because everyone here has accepted American ideals and the American way. They are middle class folk whom work, raise families, keep their homes, and strive to give their children the best life possible. Everyone comes with their own set of traditions and perhaps values, and they celebrate them, but within the confines of American norms.

Now, what do you think would happen if we had a neighbor whom insisted that pigs were offensive to him and his people, and they must not be used as decorations or eaten anywhere in the community. European MultiCulti sensibilities would insist that I change for him, thereby showing my sensitivity.

Bullsh*t. My hypothetical neighbor has no right to ask me to change for him. As long as no one is preventing him from practicing his religion freely, he has no further rights, no further claims on my life and my culture's beliefs. If you cannot accept that aspect of American culture, than you do not belong here.

So maybe, gentle commenter, you heart is filled with joy when you see expressions of what you call multiculturalism. Should I have been overjoyed this morning, packed onto a subway train, stuffed between an Asian, a black, and two Hasidic Jews? Sorry, I wasn't, I was annoyed at being crowded so. Never really considered the ethnicities of those squeezed against me, because it didn't matter. We were all going to work, or to school, or off to do something...American, even if that means simply celebrating oneself in peace.

And that is the amazing success of my New Jersey Multiculturalism. A melting pot so complete that I do not even notice the ethnicities of my neighbors/friends/fellow commuters. Adopt it, or leave us!

Update: Multiculturalism, or racism on NBC's Today Show? Mark Levin reports, you decide:

On ABC's "Good Morning America," Linda Douglass reported that Sam Alito "is another white male." ... I wonder, if Janice Rogers Brown { a black female conservative - ed.} had been nominated, would reporters like Linda Douglass have been more impressed? Of course not. Speaking of Gibson, he said that Alito was "very conservative." I don't know what this means. But more importantly, given that Gibson probably hasn't read a single opinion authored by Alito, he's speaking from talking points.

[link to NRO here: http://bench.nationalreview.com/archives/081342.asp ]

See, even if Bush had nominated a black woman, the leftist media would have still flown into a fury, because it was not one of their black women. Liberal multiculturalism is a sham, and shame on those whom fall for this cynical ploy.

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