Saturday, August 06, 2005

Warned, again...

...this time not by the Iranian president, but by Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hamid-Reza Asefihat, that he's gonna build his nukes, and that the West better remember its place. From a press conference in Iran:

Reporter: What will the scope of the (UCF) activity in Esfahan be at the beginning? Will it have full or partial capacity?
Asefi: What do you care?
Female reporter: I’ll repeat my colleague’s question...
Asefi: Go ahead, please...
Female reporter:... regarding the UCF in Esfahan. Will its activity start at full or partial capacity, in order to show that the suspension...
Asefi: He asked, and I already said it is of no interest to you.
Female reporter: Please tell us, it might interest us.
Asefi: No. I know it is of no interest to you.
Reporter: Regarding the IAEA inspectors stationed in Tehran, when the UCF activity starts in Esfahan, will the inspectors be there, or did the Iranians plan a special ceremony to mark the start of activity?
Asefi: No. If by “special ceremony” you mean handing out cake and candy, then we have no such thing.

What are we waiting for? For the bombs to drop, for millions to die, so that the liberals can tell us, again, that it was all our fault?

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