Sunday, August 14, 2005

Over There? Well, maybe over here...

Previous post, towards the bottom, takes on FX's Iraqi War series "Over There"; exposing some of the glaring inaccuracies (intetnional?) presented in this 'docucu-drama'. If I may quote myself:

...for this show's three airings, the ratings have declined 40% from each previous episode. The American public knows pro-terrorist, anti-American propoganda when they see it. Of course, Bochco and his ilk will claim the people "were not ready for a drama about the Iraqi war". No, we are ready, we just want to see an honest one.

Well, we didn't have to wait long; USA Today has an article about the declining ratings:

Did last week's second episode of FX's Over There lose 37% of its premiere audience because it was too gory? Does the series , which follows an Army unit in Iraq and their families in the USA, hit too close for viewers still digesting news from the real Iraq war? Has news coverage tapped out interest in many viewers for a fictional drama?
Or did the drop - from 4.1 million viewers for the July 27 premiere to 2.6 million last week - result from more common reasons: lack of interest in the subject and characters, or erratic summer viewing patterns?
After just two episodes, it's far too early to determine why the audience declined or whether that will reflect future viewing patterns, FX's John Solberg says.

We could've wrote this script ourselves....nothing, of course, about the fact that the left-leaning worldview of Bochco incorporated into this series could have anything to do with the viewer's rejection. But since the film and media communities share the same liberal lens as Bochco, of course they are incapable of discerning this possibility. Like most blue-staters, they cannot fathom that someone would dare have a different philosophical/political worldview than theirs; and should they, well, it is simply because they are red-necked dumbasses, just like W....

Lest you think I am simply another ranting wingnut (and I am OK with that); here's a link to a U.S. Marine's take on "Over There"
From the blog Faces From the Front, a quick excerpt:

To show that the soldiers and commanders on the ground made the right decision would make the MSM and the anti-war left look bad and Hollywood will not allow the press to look bad. But the writers don't seem that interested in reality, so they create an internal double standard

Read it all; FX should feel shame for allowing Bochco to foist this type of leftist, pro-insurgent propoganda on America. Looks like, with the continuing defection of viewers, "Over There" will be over soon enough over here, but will the network learn its lesson?

Based on the comments in USA Today, that seems unlikely...expect the blind spot to hold, as long as they can make excuses for it.

Link to "Hollywood Loves Terror!" post:
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