Sunday, August 28, 2005

Sharon's Reward

A suicide bomber blew himself up outside the central bus station in this southern Israeli city during morning rush hour Sunday, critically wounding two security guards in the first attack since Israel began its withdrawal from the Gaza Strip this month.

The bombing raised pressure on Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas to crack down on militant groups. Israel has said any progress in peacemaking after the Gaza withdrawal will require Abbas to disarm the militants — a step he so far has been unwilling to take.

Was it Lyndon Johnson who said, "If you let a bully into your front yard, the next day he'll be on your porch; and the following day he'll be in your bedroom raping your wife"?

Seems as if the AP's last sentence is showing a little bit of balance - must've slipped past the weekend editor...


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The probligo said...

So, once again, Israel is "allowed" to kill Palestinians without fear of any reprisal?

The five Palestinians were armed, but to the best of my knowledge Tulkarm is in Palestinian territory occupied by the Israel, not Israel.