Monday, August 22, 2005

Cindy Sheehan Speaks; Media stays Mum...

The "Mother Sheehan" saga is going to do for the media and the Democrats what CBS's forged national Guard memos did for...the media and the Democrats. 'Ol Ms. Sheehan spoke again the other day, and for some strange reason, it didn't make headlines. Maybe because she sounded...completely batsh*t? Via LGF:

Is there anyone in America who cannot yet see that Donald Rumsfeld is a liar...that he, as with Hitler and Stalin....will say anything so long as he thinks it will help shape the world to his own liking? Is there even one, sane adult among us who cannot see that Donald Rumsfeld is a threat to our nation’s security and to peace on our beloved earth?
...As soft-spoken and sincere-sounding as Paul Wolfowitz is, is there yet any sane adult in this country whose skin does not crawl when this murderous liar opens his mouth and speaks?

Our country has been overtaken by murderous thugs....gangsters who lust after fortunes and power; never caring that their addictions are at the expense of our loved ones, and the blood of innocent people near and far. We’ve watched these thugs parade themselves before the whole world as if they are courageous advocates for Christian moral values....and for the spread of democracy. Yet we all know that they are now putting in place, all across this country, a system of voting that provides no way to validate the accuracy of the counting of the votes. our Secretary of Defense is "Stilter"; Wolfowitz is the Wolfman, and the government is comprised of gangsters conspiring to fix the vote. Not to mention, at least in this rant, that it is really all Israel's fault; but at least there is some Christian-bashing thrown in for good measure..the whole thing sounds like something one might hear on Air America (or NPR).

Shouldn't the media be reporting this while they are begging us to "just feel her pain"? No, the truth cannot conflict with the storyline...Meanwhile, who's got a list with the names of the politicians who have stood by Nutty Cindy's side? I wanna see it!!!

From LGF, link to Sheehan's insanity here {lovingly entitled "MSM's Anti-War Heroine"}:

UPDATE: Mark Steyn has a blistering column; I'll steal his conclusion:

(Sheehan) has now left Crawford, officially because her mother has had a stroke, but promising to return. I doubt she will. Perhaps deep down she understands she's a woman whose grief curdled into a narcissistic rage, and most Americans will not follow where she's gone -- to the wilder shores of anti-Bush, anti-war, anti-Iraq, anti-Afghanistan, anti-Israel, anti-American paranoia. Casey Sheehan's service was not the act of a child. A shame you can't say the same about his mom's new friends.

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