Wednesday, August 10, 2005

EU waffles; Iran builds Nukes...

Iran gets ready to use its petro-dollars to build nuclear weapons ;with the avowed purpose of using them on "the infidels", and from France, we get this:

French Foreign Minister Philippe Douste-Blazy urged Tehran to reconsider, saying it wasn't too late to turn back. "I call on Iran one more time, tonight, to listen to the voice of reason," he said.

Didn't they say the same thing in 1938 when the Nazis marched into the Rhineland? Switch "Germany" for "Iran", and you hear the clarion call of history about to repeat itself. No backbone seventy years ago; no backbone today. And speaking of the Germans, they got really feisty:

"I think Iran should really bear in mind that this step is a step in the wrong direction," German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer said, according to ZDF television. But he suggested negotiations could continue, saying: "We are trying to prevent a negative trend with fatal consequences."

Fatal for whom, Joschka? For the millions who will die when Iran's mullahs unleash a nuclear holocaust in the name of Islam? Or are you saying the Germans might actually undertake a phsyical act to prevent these "fatal consequences"? No, I didn't think so... It will probably be left to America to save the world (again, sigh...) whilst you and your French compadres heap scorn upon us for lacking nuance...

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Kira Zalan said...

The worst thing we can do is get scared and give away the farm. Lets cut through the tough talk and look at the facts. US and Israeli intelligence analysts estimate that Iran is years away from a nuclear weapons capability. North Korea is very likely to be overstating its nuclear capabilities, and will not cease its program no matter what we give them.

What we have today is a crisis in diplomacy. It is impossible to reach a compromise when the intentions of the negotiating parties are mutually exclusive. But despite another failed relationship therapy session, nothing has changed in the capabilities reality.

This time, we must stand firm with the realization that the more we give, the more we fuel the fire.