Monday, August 08, 2005

Bibi's Prophecy, echoed... today's New York Daily News, by Mort Zuckerman:

The sad fact is that everything is going wrong. Terrorist groups like Hamas and Islamic Jihad are using the relative calm to rearm and regroup for the next intifadeh. They smuggle longer-range missiles through dirt tunnels between Egypt and Gaza, for use after disengagement against Israelis now across the fence.

And remember this, from the mouth of the animals:

In Gaza, Hamas still fires scores of rockets and mortar shells at Israeli homes while Islamic Jihad defies the agreement for a "calm," saying, "We joined the tahdiya [calm] to give the combatants rest....As far as we are concerned, the intifadeh has not ended; it is still going on."

If the Palestinians use the gift of Gaza simply to attack mainland Isreal, then there should be no mercy for them, no "process" any longer. If they do not choose the way of peace, they must be delivered a crushing defeat, so that the illusions of a winnable war against Isreal is shattered. Should Isreal choose to engage in a tit-for-tat with an enemy now entrenched in Gaza, it can be defeated simply by attrition; citizens will leave reather than have their families face a future of eternal low-level warfare.

But this is what the international community wants; the death of the Jews by attrition, by making an illusary "peace process" more important than the death of innocents. Once the attacks are launched from Gaza, it will still be the Isreal's fault in the eyes of the EU/UN/Liberal Media/Democratic Party, for not surrendering the West Bank as well. If the Jews buy into this, they are a dead people walking.

I cannot imagine Ariel will allow this to happen; and yet...

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