Friday, May 27, 2005

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...on a few posts recently...posted.

al-Reuters isn't the only MainStream Media outlet writing misleading and outright false stories/headlines in a vain attempt to bolster News-weak. Michelle Malkin shows us the Washington Post wins hands-down, taking thirteen paragraphs to admit its story is, well...fabricated.

Next up, it appears as if I showed some irrational exuberance at the local electoral defeats in Germany of Gerhard Schroeder's SPD Party The NY Post's Ralph Peters says the voters are rebelling against Gerhard because he tried to make miniscule attempts at reforming their failing socialist economy

The chancellor who stabbed the United States in the back over Iraq appears headed for political doom. Time to pop the champagne corks?
If only it were. The voters of Germany's rust belt didn't turn on Schroeder and his party because they realized their national economy desperately needs reform. They punished the SPD for its feeble attempts to loosen the killing grip of the welfare state

Cradle-to-grave security sounds wonderful. But it gnaws at the sinews of any economy and poisons the moral bloodstream. Socialist policies destroy the work ethic, while rewarding the least-productive members of society.

But Germans remain convinced they can have it all. The results? A stagnant economy. The highest unemployment since the end of World War II — 12 percent nationally and as high as 25 percent in industrial cities such as the Ruhr's Gelsenkirchen. A national pension system in deep crisis. Collapsing social benefits. And punitive taxation.

There's more: Unsustainable worker protections. Crippling taxes on industry for each worker employed. Massive outsourcing abroad as a consequence. A higher-education system in ruins. Talent flight. Political demagoguery. A dwindling birth-rate. A restive Islamic immigrant community. Hate crimes.

Germany can no longer compete globally. And it isn't just the strong euro. Mercedes automobiles — the nation's flagship brand — have dismal reliability ratings these days. Most German forays into high-tech limp behind the United States and even India.
In the end, it's capitalism that's more humane, providing a bigger pie for all. Socialism subdivides ever-shrinking slices.

Sorry - Shroeder's Party wasn't defeated because he was too liberal; it's becuase he isn't liberal enough. That's just terrifying...and for more terrifiying news from The Fatherland, via Damain Penny , read how the Nazis are rising again in Germany, and how the elder generation who wreaked murderous havoc on the word half a century ago simply sit back and smile, seeing their children pick up their unfinished life's work...savages.

Finally, remember Linda Foley? She's here,, but is no surprise if she slipped from sight/mind - yes, the head of the Newspaper Guild accused US troops of intentionally killing US and foreign journalists, but read here why a terrified mainstream media buried the story in a vain attempt to stem the bloodletting in the wake of the Newsweek fiasco...

Finally, unrelated, I'm going to lift a post verbatim from Instapundit, probably violating some type of blog decorum, but it is just too good :

ROME (Reuters) - A judge has ordered best-selling writer and journalist Oriana Fallaci to stand trial in her native Italy on charges she defamed Islam in a recent book.
Fabrizio Quattrochi was unavailable for comment. However,
Jeff Goldstein sees this as a "velvet insurgency."

Basically, where people warn about theocracy in the United States, we're seeing what amounts to a trial for blasphemy in Italy.

Tom Wolfe once said that Fascism is forever descending on the United States, but that somehow it always lands on Europe. Perhaps the same is true with theocracy?

I'll follow up on this one shortly; let me chew on it a bit...

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