Saturday, May 21, 2005

Media liberals and their Democrat lapdogs

Many have wondered how the Koran-down-the-john story made it past editors...hmm, Mark Alexander has a thought :

Michael Isikoff knows that stories advancing the Leftmedia's editorial agenda have a better chance of being published than those that do not. For example, when Isikoff submitted a report on Paula Jones's accusation that Bill Clinton, while governor of Arkansas, had exposed himself to her, his employer at that time, The Washington Post, declined to run the story. Then, when Isikoff proffered Kathleen Willey's account of being sexually accosted by then-President Clinton (including plenty of evidence), Newsweek declined to run the story. Finally, when Isikoff broke the story about Clinton's relationship with a 21-year-old White House intern (something feminists used to regard as a no-no), Newsweek once again declined to run the story.

So if you really want a buyline, what type of story do you need to poffer to your editorial staff?

... given the chance to undermine the foreign policy of a Republican president and sully the reputation of our nation's fighting forces, the Leftmedia throws all caution to the wind.

Just like the falseified memos of Rathergate...can these *ssclowns ever learn? Well, apparently not:

In an altogether fitting expression of the Leftmedia's contempt for America's armed forces and their Commander in Chief, this year's Peabody was awarded to -- you guessed it -- Dan Rather.

Note how the media is lashing out at everyone around them as they sink towards the bottom of the briney deep. It's the blogger's fault, first and foremost

"Salivating morons." "Scalp hunters." "Moon howlers." "Trophy hunters." "Sons of Sen. McCarthy." "Rabid." "Blogswarm." "These pseudo-journalist lynch mob people."

This is excellent invective. It must come from bloggers. But wait, it was the mainstream media and their maidservants in the elite journalism reviews, and they were talking about bloggers!

No, wait, it's all the fault of the Bush Administration! Correct, Ms. Carlson?

It's understandable that the administration might want to flush Newsweek down the toilet and spread the blame for its mistakes. How cathartic it must be to have something other than those famous photos from Abu Ghraib to blame for rampant anti-Americanism? How comforting, after Ahmad Chalabi, to have someone other than the CIA or White House publicly burned by a bad source.

And of course the Democratic lapdogs leap to the defense of their Media Masters, especially when it affords them the opportunity bash both the Bush Administration and the young soldiers that are protecting their lives. Chief Democratic dog Nancy Pelosi spits out:

Instead of calling for cancellation of subscriptions, as some Republicans have suggested, Congress should do its job and investigate the treatment of detainees, particularly the interrogation techniques employed against them. Democrats on the House Armed Services and Intelligence Committees have repeatedly requested such hearings; Republicans have refused.

That's from a news release from her office on the Newsweek scandals

The Democrats and the Mainstream Media: Wallowing in anti-American filth, together.

How appropriate.

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