Friday, May 27, 2005

Democrats = Second-Rate Eurotrash?

From E-Nough: Are the Democrats simply domestic Europeans, who insist that we must follow our "intellectual betters" down the road to ruin?

The ideas, assumptions and prejudices held by the statistically typical Democratic voter, according to the Pew study, are quite simply, European. Europeans believe in a strong social welfare state, for rich and poor alike. Europeans are cynical. They look askance - these days - on patriotic sentiment (hence the rush to form a new European nation). The church pews of Europe would make a great hideout for bank robbers since they're always empty. The United Nations is, in the typical European's worldview, the last best hope for mankind. From the death penalty to gay marriage, the more similar you are to a typical European in your political and social outlook, the more likely you are to be a Democrat.

Do we really want to follow France, Germany,Spain, et al...? The Dems think we should.

Read her here ; and follow the link in her post to Jonah’s article…

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