Monday, May 09, 2005

Hillary Clinton/Bill Clinton Newsbreak!

First, from Bill, regarding the Middle East: :

"It is obvious, if I could be candid, that we've got another chance at peace in the Middle East because Yasser Arafat died and really because Abu Mazen wants to do it," Clinton told the American Jewish Committee.

Jeez, Bill, it was OBVIOUS to most of us that you were wasting your time (not to mention debasing the morality of our foreign policy) when you has that proud murderer of woman and children over the White House 47 times, more than any other foreign leader. What did it get Isreal? Nothing but more dead women and children. And what did it gain us? Certainly not the respect and love of the so-called Arab Street. And how about the Palestinians? By strengthing a tyrant, you weakened the hands of those who would have freedom instead.

Your appeasement of a terrorist caused war, both in the Middle East and on our shores, that may have been prevented had you taken a harder line earlier, when you had the chance, after the first World Trade Center attack, or after the bombings in Africa and Saudi Arabia, or following the attack on the USS Cole (which was a wanton act of war that you chose to ignore). It was obvious then, Bill, only you chose not to see it, and thousands of additional people have died needlessly.

So what of the future, Bill?

In one of the dreams that former President Bill Clinton hopes to make a reality with his upcoming world forum in New York City, Palestinians would make solar panels for energy and it would "work like hot cakes."

OK,'s obvious to me that you don't have, nor did you ever have, a flippin' clue...Jimmy Carter will be joining Bill at the forum; think of those two when you think of the Democratic Party...

Wait! Think of Hillary Clinton too, while you still can!

Campaign donations made more than four years ago at a celebrity-studded Hollywood gala have led to a federal criminal trial against a former finance director for Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton that could hamper her future campaigns... David Rosen, who was Clinton's finance director during her 2000 U.S. Senate run, faces three counts of filing a false statement...A FBI agent speculated in an affidavit that Rosen was trying to duck federal financing rules so the campaign would have more money to spend on other expenses.
Rosen pleaded not guilty in January. He could face up to 15 years in prison and $750,000 in fines if convicted.

What? A Clinton tied in with illegal campaign donations? The heck you say!
No one now can even accuse the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy of tossing mud here; 'ol Hillary brought this one on herself...say bye-bye, Hillary...

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The probligo said...

Tell me, how many times has GW met with Ariel Sharon in the White House Camp David and elsewhere?

Tell me, what is Ariel Sharon's nickname?