Wednesday, May 04, 2005

PBS & Deception at the New York Times

A blathering, B.S. editorial in the New York Times regarding the PBS content issues that we have been follwing for the past few weeks ;filled with many attempts to mislead the reader -

Satisfying more people with public television and radio is a worthy aim, but several recent surveys for public broadcasting have shown that most viewers and listeners admire what's on now. More than half of PBS's viewers say they find its news more "trustworthy" than the commercial stations'.

OF COURSE most viewers admire what's on now; the bulk of them agree with the leftist mindset of PBS. How about asking people whom do not watch PBS programming their reasoning? Isn't that a worthy aim?

Essentially, this editorial just rehashes all the unsubstantiated claims made by the liberals whom have controlled the ideology of PBS for the past few decades. See here for more of this nonsense, as the Times and the liberal media shill for their publicly funded, ideologically indentical counterparts.

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