Thursday, May 05, 2005

Letters to the Editor: One Opinion Allowed!

Three primary topics in today's New York Times letters section:

"The Republican Thumb on PBS"
(FYI see yesterday's post, one of many on this issue)
"When Soldiers Mistreat Iraqis"
"Laura Bush, Comic: They're Not All Laughing"

There is a total of 15 letters on these three items of Times coverage; 14 of them support the paper's position.

Question: Does the Times only print letters that agree with their content (remember liberal rule #1: Diversity in thought is FORBIDDEN); or are 93.3% of their readers liberal dittoheads?

Pathetic, in either case...just look at the three leftist titles and their assumptions: Republicans are squeling free speech at PBS, American soldiers are brutalizing Iraqis, and the First Lady is not funny, no matter what so many are saying. If I was a psychologist, I would say the Times has to print these letters of support for their position, in order to maintain the echo chamber around their rapidly fracturing worldview...

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