Thursday, November 15, 2012

Israel / Gaza: The Washington Post Delivers!

...with a front -page push on the Left's standard narrative: Israel is to blame for everything.  Check it out:

Yes, that is allegedly a dead Palestinian child (Pallywood is notoriously deceptive), but the IDF did not intentionally target him.  Unlike Hamas, which almost exclusively targets civilians and their infrastructure with their non-stop rocket attacks.

This photo of a tiny Israeli baby injured by rocket fire,  was not shown by the Washington Post:

The difference?  This little girl was deliberately targeted by Palestinian forces.  But neither that fact nor this picture will make it into any edition of the WaPo.

When the truth contravenes the media narrative,  the truth will not survive.

I hope this baby does, even though the Washington Post staff  doesn't even want you to know she exists.

More pictures you likely won't see,  from inside Israel - a nation under siege:

An Israeli woman drops and takes cover as the sirens sound

Wiping the blood off the walls of a child's room in Kiryat Malachi, Israel, after a Hamas rocket strike

A IDF soldier (sigh) works to calm an overwrought mother

An Israeli family forced to find cover in the streets

This little boy was in the right place at the right time - which was not in his bedroom, as Hamas shot a rocket into his home in Netivot


Anonymous said...

The difference? at least 24 children, including several babies, were killed in Israeli airstrikes on gaza.

No child died in Israel.

Anonymous said...

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-Mehdi from Algeria

Anonymous said...

One of you said to us that 500 out of 2 million is only 0.003%. It's not genocide. Same goes to you.

Be scared. We will come to you even when you are behind Gharqad trees. Nation of prophet killers, no wonder you can easily target children and women.

- a Muslim mom, training her son to be a martyr!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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