Thursday, June 28, 2007

So what did we say this morning about Senator Menendez's protestations that he might not vote "yes" on the immigration legislation before the Senate today?

Methinks in the end Menendez will vote for it - he's in place to serve the whim of the Hispanic community and pose with Governor Corzine, not to represent the state as a whole ...

Well, even after having declared that there had been an "increasingly right-wing tilt to these proceedings", what did Old Greasy Bob go ahead and do? Let's go straight to the horse's website:

U.S. Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) today voted “Yes” to end debate and proceed to a final vote on the immigration bill, but the bill failed a cloture vote 46-53. Only 24% (12 out of 49) of Republicans voted to proceed on the bill, and two of the Republicans who helped first announce the Grand Bargain even voted against cloture (Sens. Isakson and Chambliss).

Sen. Menendez released the following statement:

“Republican conservatives made demands of the White House and the Grand Bargainers and were able to get a number of those demands in the bill – including $4.4 billion for border security and a more onerous touchback provision...

Seems like Menendez felt he had to vote for the immigration legislation - he does, after all, not serve at the pleasure of the New Jersey middle class, but only the liberal interest groups - but was mighty irked at the Republicans for killing off his attempt yesterday to weaken the bill by allowing even more foriegners to qualify for favored immigration status.

If he were a brave man, and had the courage of even his weak and simpering convictions, he would have voted against the bill, claiming it to be - from his perspective -flawed.

But our cowardly, immature Senator instead throws harsh partisan mud ("Republican conservatives", and their "demands" for "border security", indeed !) that widens the gulf and works against future reconciliation. What a poor, poor representative he is for the state of New Jersey.

Sigh.... and Lautenberg.... No wonder America laughs at us...

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