Sunday, June 10, 2007

"The – so called – climate change ..."

Thus spoke Czech President Vaclav Klaus - before the Congressional Committee on Energy and Commerce. Suprised they didn't run him out with torches and pitchforks after he made the following comments:

It becomes evident that while discussing climate we are not witnessing a clash of views about the environment but a clash of views about human freedom...

The environmentalists consider their ideas and arguments to be an undisputable truth and use sophisticated methods of media manipulation and PR campaigns to exert pressure on policymakers to achieve their goals.

The environmentalist paradigm of thinking is absolutely static. They neglect the fact that both nature and human society are in a process of permanent change, that there is and has been no ideal state of the world as regards natural conditions, climate, distribution of species on earth, etc. They neglect the fact that the climate has been changing fundamentally throughout the existence of our planet and that there are proofs of substantial climate fluctuations even in known and documented history. Their reasoning is based on historically short and incomplete observations and data series which cannot justify the catastrophic conclusions they draw.

They do not believe in the future economic expansion of the society, they ignore the technological progress the future generations will enjoy....

Klaus is spot-on here, and as Melanie Phillips notes, more people are beginning to "rumble the scam". Al Gore is still dancing as fast as he can, but I think he won't be playing concert halls for too much longer. Expect a Spinal Tap-esque fall for the Goreacle (and the whole "global warming" fallacy), and watch him wind up his days reading to novelty seekers and true believers at poetry slams, angrily bashing his nation, Carter-like, to the nods of approving heads.

Go get 'em, Vaclav...

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