Thursday, June 21, 2007

Senator Bob Menendez - busted...!

...for performing in some of the most cynical political theatre in some time, as he resorts to lies to try to force his ill-concieved immigration legislation down our throats:

At a pro-immigration rally Thursday, a group of politicians including Sens. Mel Martinez (R-Fla.), Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.) and Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) and Rep. Joe Baca (D-Calif.) addressed reporters while picturesquely standing in front of an impressive tower of boxes they said contained letters from a million supporters of comprehensive immigration reform," Emily Heil reports for Roll Call's 'Heard on the Hill.'

According to a
press release, the letters were part of the "Por la Reforma Migratoria con Piolín" campaign launched by Univision radio personality Eddie 'Piolín' Sotelo, and was touted as marking "the first time that a letter writing campaign has generated such a large number of letters in support of immigration reform."

"As the Members repeatedly referred to the letters and gestured toward the boxes allegedly containing them as evidence of the support for the immigration bill that is struggling in the Senate, a crack Roll Call photographer on hand at the event began to grow suspicious," Heil continues. "He could see light shining through the handles of the boxes, indicating that they weren’t full."

The paper reveals, "Sure enough, a quick check revealed that the boxes were, indeed, completely empty."

I'm sure there are some letters, but a million? C'mon, that's like trying to turn the "D" on your report card into an "A", as opposed to a more plausible "B".

I guess Bob Menendez is so used to snoorkering the people of New Jersey that he thought he could pull it off on the national stage. Sorry, Crooked Bob, they ain't all as tolerent of lies and corruption as the folk of New Jersey are....


Enlighten-NewJersey said...

We need to post a picture of Menendez and company standing in front of the empty boxes.

The JerseyNut said...

I searched and I, if it were Republican politicians standing in front of empy boxes they claimed had millions of letters supporting their agenda, why do I think that picture would be much more readily available?