Tuesday, June 05, 2007

It's a Hot One...

...so I raised my fist at the tiny sliver of blue sky visible from the depths of the canyons in New York, and shook it while I cursed the sun for bringing the dreaded warming upon us.

Now this guy has the right idea - must've majored in liberal guilt at college:

WITH the western world conspiring to contain India's development by using global warming as a discriminatory tool, people need to become aware of their responsibility toward environment. These were the thoughts expressed by Chief Minister Narendra Modi here, while speaking at a World Environment Day programme.

So now I'm a racist every time I fire up the 'ol power washer? Jeez, I might as well switch to a cheaper grade of gasoline and really stink the joint up - in for a penny, in for a pound!

Now this is interesting; especially as New Jersey Democrats are hoping to impose draconian anti-warming policies upon the "Garden" State:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will oppose a proposal by fellow Democrats that would block her state of California and others from imposing landmark greenhouse gas reductions on automakers.

"Any legislation that comes to the House floor must increase our energy independence, reduce global warming, invest in new technologies to achieve these goals and create good jobs in America," Pelosi said.

Oh, them are fighting words! I promise - promise - to have fun while reminding you of that inane statement...

As mentioned, passage of this bill would thwart this state's preverted desire to impose some type of "global warming-martial law" upon us, and that is a good thing for so many reasons, least of all the makeup of the liberal think-tanks promoting the damn thing:

Environment New Jersey Research and Policy Center released a report predicting all sorts of doom and gloom for New Jersey unless the state establishes a mandatory cap on carbon emissions, institutes a moratorium on new coal-fired power plants and creates a long-term emissions reduction plan that would ensure an 80 percent reduction in green house gases by 2050.

Interestingly, there’s not a scientist on Environment New Jersey Research and Policy Center’s staff, although report writer Suzanne Leta Liou did take a college course in statistics. She also leads the group’s campaign to close Oyster Creek nuclear power plant, undeterred by the fact New Jersey relies on nuclear energy for about 50 percent of the state's electricity.

I wonder, though - do the Democrats really care about the enviornment, or do they see it as just another interest group to be bought off? Not Mother Nature herself, of course (perish the thought of her selling her soul to the Left - at any price!), but the group of voters that is putting the enviornment first (or at least claiming to be) must be increasing. Perhaps they Dems will do no more harm than expanding anti-littering legislation while doing some photo-ops with a ficus tree. Oh, they'll pander, and have to throw the enviorn-"mental"-ists a real bone every now and again, but a small price to pay for a group that has within it so many members of the mainstream media...

Meanwhile, I'd better get used to the idea of driving this...


Anonymous said...

You mean, the democrats are going to treat enviornmentalists the same way they treat blacks? Take them im, give them firey rhetoric and toss them a few scraps, but in the end do nothing but hurt their cause?

Ha - Ted Kennedy as their hero - championing their causes, but quietly fighting a bitter war to keep wind farms out of his neighborhood.

It's a good thought, but the enviormentalists (like the blacks, unfortunately), would tell you "where else can we go"?

Teddy Roosevelt said...

I do not understand all the hoopla about Global warming

I like warm weather. Bring it on.