Sunday, June 03, 2007

Corzine: Breakin' the Law, And Making the Middle Class Pay...

Bob Ingle, in today's Asbury Park Press:

A nonprofit Washington-based group, The Partnership for Safe Driving, is holding Corzine responsible for that poorly worded, self-absorbed TV spot in which he blames his injuries on not wearing a seat belt.
It urges people to contact Corzine and "tell him . . . he is grossly distorting the truth . . . when no anti-speeding message is included."
There is no mention that his SUV was going 91 mph in a 65 mph zone en route to a national media photo op with fired radio host Don Imus.

You'll rarely hear the ad here. Attorney General Stu "Just Passing Through" Rabner chose to put all the federal money into enforcement, unlike other states that divided it between enforcement and education. He's looking to rake in the dough from those $46 tickets. If it really were about safety, there would be an education component. This is a money grab.

It's always about taking money from the middle class in New Jersey - the cops know we can't take the time off from work to fight in court, and the politicians know we can afford the $46- fine. The poor won't pay, the rich will get lawyers. All part of the Great New Jersey Shakedown. I wasn't kidding when I said, a few weeks ago:

...after living in New York, New Jersey, Chicago, Missouri, and Los Angeles, I have found New Jersey's police to be by far the most rude, corrupt, and inept of the lot - not to mention the most overtly hostile to the citizens they allegedly "protect and serve". And they are backed by a court system that realizes their number one priority is to collect revenues and to protect their pathetic revenue collectors - masquerading as law enforcement agents - and "justice" is thus dispensed accordingly.

We deserve it, we keep votin' them in...

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