Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Iranian Response?

Is there a connection between this:

Frustrated world powers agreed Wednesday to send Iran before the United Security Council for possible punishment, saying the Iranians had given no sign they would bargain in earnest over their disputed nuclear program....

And this?

The militant Shiite Muslim group Hezbollah killed three Israeli soldiers and captured two others in an attack along the Israel-Lebanon border Wednesday morning. Four more Israeli soldiers were killed when troops and tanks crossed the border in pursuit of the captives.

The timing is extremely suspect, as:

Iran ratcheted up threats to retaliate if reported to the U.N. Security Council over suspicions it wants nuclear weapons, warning Friday that U.S.-backed referral would "kill" a proposal to move its uranium enrichment program to Russia.

So at virtually the same moment that Iran is being referred to the Security Council, their stooges in south Lebanon launch a deadly offensive against Israel. Is this an effort to curry favor within the Arab world, to distract the G-8 ahead of the summit, or simply fulfillment of Ahmadinejad's commitment to destroy Israel?

I don't believe in coincidences; and I am sure the rest of the 'leadership" of the West has connected a similar set of dots (save for those that will shortly blame Israel for being attacked on two fronts). Will they draw a deep collective breath and find the courage to hold firm? Or will Iran's strategy of dividing the tenuous western alliance bear fruit, as nations scramble to water down resolutions in an attempt to protect their own flanks via appeasement of the mullahs?

The winds of war whip through the Middle East while Iran, the great fanner of the flames, sits back unmolested, and builds nukes....should the will of the West fail now, how many lives will become forfeited in the future?

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