Friday, March 01, 2013

Latinos Support Chris Christie. CPAC Does Not...

How do Republicans get the Hispanic vote?  If you ask CPAC, it's by shunning their highest-profile blue-state governor, who's getting traditional Democratic constituencies to switch sides:

Republican Gov. Chris Christie has picked up the endorsement of a major Latino group that backed Democratic incumbent Jon Corzine in the last election.

Martin Perez, of the Latino Leadership Alliance, yesterday said the organization is supporting Christie because of his commitment to public schools, small businesses and immigration reform.

“Governor Christie has shown he is the type of leader who can transform this state,” said Perez, whose group represents more than 500 churches as well as Latino police, firefighter and civic organizations.

Christie said the endorsement highlights positions that Latinos and Republicans share and should serve as a model for the GOP nationally to reach out to the growing voting bloc, which supported Democratic President Obama by more than 70 percent in November.

Christie is right, of course, but not far right enough. So CPAC is refusing to invite him to this month's mega-conference, leaving him outside in the cold , along with GOProud, another group who dares to differ on dogma.

Way to open that tent in an increasingly diverse society, jerkoffs.

Look - I think Christie is the best governor the state of New Jersey is gonna get. As a presidential candidate, he's no better than fourth on my list (Rubio/Ryan/Paul, in case you were curious, and in no particular order).  But for God's sake - he's a Republican governor in a deep-blue state with a 74% approval rating!  Aren't you at least the tiny bit curious to hear how he picked up the endorsements of Latinos, labor unions (see here and here), and Democrats?

No?  Ideological purity über alles?  Fine.  Just get used to last-place finishes...

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