Wednesday, March 20, 2013

In Which Michael Bloomberg Becomes A Laughingstock...

When that bastion of conventional wisdom and government intervention - Good Morning America - makes you a figure of mockery, you know you have jumped the shark, big-time:

NYC Faces More Bans from Mayor Mike's List of Dislikes

This week in New York City, Mayor Mike doesn't like cigarettes.

New York City's health-conscious mayor, Michael Bloomberg, announced plans this week to ban cigarette cartons from being displayed in retail stores. Instead, he wants to see them kept behind counters, curtains, or inside of cabinets, he said Monday.

Cigarettes are the latest vice to come under fire from Bloomberg, who recently lost his battle to ban large sodas. He has previously banned or tried to ban trans-fats, smoking in public places, salty food, and traffic in the city.

The media uses mockery to destroy those with whom they disagree (from Ronald Reagan's alleged stupidity to Sarah Palin's alleged cupidity).  The fact they've turned this weapon upon Michael Bloomberg, and the nanny-state government interference he represents, can only be a positive development.

Of course, it would be nice if they turned that same scrutiny towards the White House.  But that's a big leap. Right now, I'm thrilled with the baby steps....gotta walk before you can run, right?

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