Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Will Deval Patrick Go Down?

He's Obama writ small, and would be getting wiped if the race wasn't a three-way. Still, based on turnout and incidentals, Obama's doppelganger may feel the sting of the people's wrath first:

The Massachusetts secretary of state is reporting that turnout is heaviest in the suburbs — exactly where Republicans need it to be if Charlie Baker is going to upset Deval Patrick in the governor’s race. If there’s such a thing as a Republican enclave in Massachusetts, it’s the South Shore area, and one South Shore town already had 25 percent turnout before noon.

Also, a local PBS reporter appearing on my radio station this morning said that the voters she talked to in a downtown Boston precinct were breaking two-to-one for Charlie Baker

If that's the way the undecideds break today...well, here we go with "uncharted territory" again...

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