Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Obama Launches Pre-Emptive Strike...Against Chris Christie, and New Jersey

Gee, Barack Obama can be such a tough guy...when it's his ass on the line. Of course, should the rest of us get vaporized by an Iranian nuke, you can rest assured he will deliver a pleasant eulogy, and keep an "unclenched hand" towards the mullahs...

But right now, Barack Obama sees trouble for Barack Obama coming out of New Jersey, in the hard-to-miss shape of Chris Christie. A political rock star (remember when that was Baracky's moniker?), with adoring fans googling frantically for his YouTube videos, Christie is considered heir apparent to the Republican throne, despite his denials. As Jersey goes purple before Obama's eyes, and he sees his popularity languish behind Christie's in the Garden State, the Effete One finally decides to act.

His first strike is against Christie alone, and it is laughable:

In a reprise of an issue from last year’s gubernatorial campaign, Governor Chris Christie’s travel expenses while U.S. Attorney have been criticised in a Justice Department Audit.

The audit says Christie over spent by a total of $2,176 over 14 trips. 12 of those trips involved cases that earned the government $311 million in civil penalties.

That's just over $150- per. What, did he fly direct instead of making stopovers? And being that the net profit here is now $2K shy of $311 million....what's the f*cking problem?

Besides Chris Christie, I mean.

And incidentally,just how much did that investigation of Christie cost? The auditors won't say, but you can bet Christie's big bottom that is was more than $2,176-.

And here's Obama's second volley; shot directly at Christie to make him look bad, but with the clear understanding that it will splatter all over the people of New Jersey:

The Obama administration wants prompt repayment of more than $270 million in federal grant money dedicated to New Jersey for a rail tunnel to Manhattan that became a political flashpoint when the state withdrew from the project.

In a letter sent on Monday to New Jersey Transit Executive Director James Weinstein, the Federal Transit Administration (FTA: 25.45 ,-0.04 ,-0.16%) said the state "must immediately repay all the federal assistance" spent so far on the project canceled by Gov. Chris Christie due to costs.

This includes $271 million, plus interest and penalties, that already had been sent to the state.

Maybe we ought to sue Jon Corzine, for starting this project in the first place, with no idea of how to pay for it?

Anyway - there are three messages here:

- one, Barack Obama prefers disorderly state management rather than sober fiscal restraint, as he is punishing New Jersey for cancelling a project they could not afford. Obama realizes, somewhere in his dark soul, that his economic illiteracy will destroy America. He just wants us all to go down together...

-If you are a politician contemplating a 2012 run at Barack Obama, expect him to take it out on the citizens of your state in order to de-legitimize you. Their economic deaths may give Dear Leader extended life, so it's a trade-off he's more than willing to make.

-if your state leaves the Democratic plantation, expect to get punished by the thugs now running the government. New Jersey has felt Obama's wrath since firing his butt-buddy and money-man Jon Corzine; if I were in Wisconsin, I would lay low for a while...

And perhaps I should add one more lesson learned: That Barack Obama will fight, and will strike pre-emptively when he sees danger on the horizon.

Assuming, of course, he's the one in danger...

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Miranda said...

I've so had it with this guy. His attempts are pathetic. Christie, on the other hand, is amazing. You are fortunate.