Friday, October 22, 2010

Obama's Woman Problem

Irony abounds as Politico lists Obama's "accomplishments" in the field of...liberal women studies, I suppose:

President Barack Obama helpfully reminded 10,000 supporters at the University of Washington here Thursday that he’s appointed “a couple of wonderful women” to the Supreme Court.

As president, Obama has also signed a law to help women achieve equal pay that had languished under a Republican administration — the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act — and pushed through a health care reform law that includes nondiscrimination provisions for women.

He’s also lifted a ban on abortion services by nongovernmental organizations that receive federal funds.

Yet despite 22 months of such gender-specific policy moves — and a recent push to energize disenchanted women voters — Obama has steadily lost ground with women, the Democratic Party’s biggest constituency

it's amusing, or perhaps sad, that Politico cause these "gender specific policy moves", without the proviso that these are all subjects that primarily concern liberal women, or liberal women's organizations.

What of the stay at home mom with a one-income family who's husband will not receive pay increases in order to keep him in line with female employees who may have taken years off at a time?

What of the women who do not feel that being "a wise Latina", or who have spent their entire lives in academia, can accurately judge them, or their circumstances?

What of the women - actually,
the majority of American women - who are pro-life, and do not want to see taxpayers dollars using to fund more and more abortions?

Maybe it is because of, and not in spite of, Obama's "gender-specific policy moves" that women are abandoning him and the Democratic party in droves.

Obama sounds desperate:

"We believe in a country where we say, ‘I am my sister’s keeper,’” Obama said, amending his usual brother’s-keeper stump speech during another stop in Seattle

And that stampede you hear right now? That's additional women leaving the fold, as the bible-belters come to realize that Obama cannot even quote the Good Book correctly (it never says "I am my brother's keeper", Mr. Smartest President Ever)

He reminds me of one Principal Skinner - from the episode "Girls Just Want To Have Sums", Seymour has lady problems of his own:

...the teachers of Springfield Elementary and other ladies stage a protest outside the school against Skinner’s
remark, much to the displeasure of Superintendent Chalmers. Skinner assures him that he will take care of it and holds a conference in the school’s auditorium, inviting all the protesting ladies to attend

Principal Skinner [phonily]:
Am I wearing women's clothes? I didn't notice. When I look in my closet, I don't see male clothes or female clothes, they're all the same.

Edna Krabappel [arms crossed]:
Are you saying that men and women are identical?

Oh, no, of course not! Women are unique in every way.

Lindsay Nagel [arms crossed]:
Now he's saying women and men aren't equal!

Skinner [getting nervous]: No, no, no! It's the differences...of which there are none, that make the sameness...exceptional! [desperately] Just tell me what to say!

[Skinner hyperventilates and faints]

I expect to find Obama in a similar, prone position come November 3rd.

After all, as a wise man (woman?) once said: Men may play the game, but women know the score...

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