Thursday, October 28, 2010

Illinois 2010: A Training Ground For Obama 2012?

'Cause this is how they do it in his 'hood...

One group of Americans are disenfranchised:

The president's home state gets a pass from the Justice Department on ensuring its soldiers overseas can vote. An administration obsessed with gays in the military doesn't care about voting rights for GIs.

You can call it a tragedy of errors, a perfect storm of incompetent and uncaring bureaucrats, or you can call it a deliberate attempt to steal what looks to be a close race for both governor and U.S. senator in President Obama's home state by disenfranchising its servicemen overseas, votes likely to tilt Republican.

While others, perhaps - just perhaps - a bit less worthy have their franchise guaranteed:

....Meanwhile, the Chicago Board of Elections hand-delivers ballots to inmates in Cook County Jail. The board doesn't even wait for the inmates to apply — it brings the applications with the ballots! More than 2,600 inmates have cast ballots — strikingly similar to the 2,600 soldiers who will likely not receive a ballot for Tuesday's election.

If this experimentation in election engineering proves successful on Tuesday, expect to is it rolled out nationwide - yes, in a city near you! - in 2012....

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