Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Michelle Obama's Boots: Made For Walking...

...and they'll walk right over you:

American first lady Michelle Obama seems to have kicked aside controversy over her expensive French sports shoes and has ordered thigh-high leather boots from the same country.

President Barack Obama's wife has made the order from a French designer based in Romans, Robert Clergerie.

Robert Clergerie said that a retailer in Michelle's hometown Chicago had sent in the order after she could not find the perfect style she desired.

The shoemaker mentioned that one of the pairs was specially modified from the catalogue model to fulfill Michelle's desire.

She has also ordered a pair of calf-length boots in beige buckskin, according to Clergerie, whose boots sell for hundreds of pounds.

Apparently, Mr. Clergerie has previously made footwear for other famous humanitarians such as Madonna, Bianca Jagger and French first lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy.

Check out
Yahoo! Shopping for a glimpse at what $1000+ boots look like....and you can see Michelle in her $540- sneakers here , where her snotty handlers replied, when asked about the pretentious style and price:

"They're shoes," the First Lady's reps sniffed when curious reporters inquired about the fancy footwear....

Sure. And ordering customized boots likely costing upwards of $2K are just "shoes" as well, I'm sure.

A bit insensitive, perhaps, when many families are struggling to put food on the table?

Not to the Obamas, who are showing themselves to have no problem taking care of themselves in style - much of which is on the taxpayer's dime - while the rest of us twist in the wind, waiting to learn if we can still turn on our lights or visit our doctor....


newsbird said...

Michelle thinks she is a fashion queen and rules the world. How ugly can she get. I don't think they ever thought of anyone but themselves

noname said...

Fashion shoes designer Robert Clergerie have his own sceleton in clipboard - his son Damien had't money to pay alimentation to his baby, Robert Clergerie grandson...