Friday, April 18, 2008

Jimmy Carter's Mideast Trip a Smashing Success...

...for Hamas, which touts Carter's kowtowing as further proof of their legitimacy:

Hamas official Mushir Masri, in a fiery speech Friday to thousands of Hamas supporters in Gaza, said the meetings with Carter were proof that Hamas was not a terrorist group, but a national liberation movement.

"It confirms the failure of the U.S. and European policies of ignoring Hamas," he told the crowd. "It confirms that all the countries that assume Hamas is a terrorist group should reconsider."

Jimmah employs the same techniques he used in 1979, and gets the same results. Only now the ex-coward-in-chief is gaming the rules, and trying to pretend that these are positive results. It's probably the only way he can ease the cognitive dissonance that rages in his head -convinced he is a peacemaker because he once staged a photo-op handshake (and eventually got a prize for it), yet simultaneously realizing that much of conflict that rages in the Middle East today is a direct result of his tragic policies there as President.

So what could Jimmy do to reconcile his aching head? Why, turn his vice into a virtue, and collect what accolades he may, I suppose. Sad.

And yet...future Messiah/President Barack Obama cannot wait to go down the same foreign policy path as Brother Jimmy. Already endorsed by Hamas, expect BHO to ditch his empty election-year promise to the Jews, and practice some Carteresque fellatio on the murderous icons of the American Left.

It's gonna get ugly.


Erica said...

Some days I don’t know who’s worse…Carter, Clinton, Gore…they’re all God-damned mental cases.

With the exception of George HW Bush, who I wish would come out and counter this madness, all the really great ex-presidents from my lifetime are dead.


I don’t think I’ll ever get over a former president of the greatest nation on Earth consorting with a terrorist…and saying Israel should work with Hamas towards a peace agreement, when Hamas calls for Israel’s destruction.

Is he daft? Or just a mental defective?

BTW, a zisen Pesach to you & your wife.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to know exactly what's going on in ol' liver-lips' head, but one things for sure: he hates Israel and is giving the sworn enemies of Jewish people everywhere aid and comfort. We used to have a word for his acts: Treason