Saturday, April 19, 2008

Jimmah's Best Friends Go Jew-Killing !

Jimmy talks peace with Hamas, while they wage war. On whose behalf is he surrendering Western Civilization, anyway?

Via Gateway Pundit:

Hamas claims responsibility for a suicide blast at the Kerem Shalom crossing point. At least one car laden with explosives was detonated at the key crossing point, wounding 13 Israeli soldiers in an attack the militants say may be the trigger for broader campaign to force open the borders of the Gaza Strip.

A point at Volokh's place:

There have been several attacks recently by "militants" on the crossing used to send fuel and food into Gaza. They are playing a "heads we win, tails you lose game." Keep the crossings open, and we'll kill Israelis. Close them, and the wrath of the "international community" will come down on Israel for a "humanitarian disaster" in Gaza.

Seem like something Carter himself may have suggested, no?

Sigh...happy Passover, I guess....


Erica said...

Hamas' timing, to coincide with just having met with Jimmah...I mean, surely the international community NOW will wake up and see how very wrong this all is.

I've wracked (racked?) my brains for years over this, and still, in this day and age, I simply cannot figure out why people hate the Jews so.

And choose for these awful terrorists with zero regard for human life to prevail, like *they* are the good guys, or some kind of underdog.

It's enough to drive a sane, logical person mad.

The JerseyNut said...

Don't wrack your brain to try to make sense out of the nonsensical; to create logic out of the intellectual chaos that is anti-semitism.

But I guess the one thing I don't have an answer for is why this particular philosophy (Jews=Evil) has such staying power - even among the so-called intellectual elites, especially in Europe - when it it based on nothing but the same irrational hatreds that these people profess to despise?

But I guess that will have to be the subject of a different post on a different day...

Anonymous said...

Why would the international community want to wake up? It is committed to Israel's destruction, and thinks are proceeding quite nicely as far as they are concerned.