Friday, September 28, 2007

Seton Hall Goose-Steps with Columbia !

Seton Hall may not have an ivy-league pedigree, but it certainly knows how to steal a bad idea from their intellectual betters. Without much fanfare, they have accomplished a feat to match Columbia University's low point: Silencing of fellow Americans that don't share in their groupthink while providing an open forum for unabashed liberals and Iranian terrorists.

Red Jersey reports:

Seton Hall University has denied the College Republicans program proposal to bring author and former Congressman Tom Delay to campus citing their catholic mission as the sole reason for denial.”

Seton Hall used the indictments of Congressman Delay to say that as a Catholic Institution they could not allow the school’s name to be associated with such an event.

“First of all, what happened to the very Catholic and the judicially sound principle of presumption of innocence,”
[College Republicans Chairman Christopher] Stark wonders, “it is obvious that this University only applies its Catholic Mission when it suits a liberal agenda.”

“Congressman Delay was simply pursued by an overzealous Democratic prosecutor, while President Khatami of Iran, Wesley Clark, Mikhail Gorbachev, Kofi Annan, and numerous other liberals invited to Seton Hall each violated the Catholic Mission of the university in their rhetoric and action.”

To show clearly the bias of this university, take a look at how Monsignor Sheeran, the Seton Hall University President, characterized Iran to the school newspaper.

“We are delighted that President Mohammad Khatami of Iran will be visiting Seton Hall on Friday,” Sheeran said. “He is the president of a great nation, proud in faith, strong in its traditions, with a remarkable history and, with God’s help, a future blessed by much peace and prosperity.”

Does this mean that Khatami (and by extension, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad) are more expressive of the values of higher education than a conservative congressman (er, Monsignor? That whole "innocent until proven guilty", thing - remember?) would be? Are terrorists, anti-Semitic UN leaders, and failed military men more representative of Catholicism than Tom Delay?

Interesting to note Sheeran's boast that President Khatami made his appearance at Seton Hall just one day after 9/11. But perhaps he wasn't the most ignorant or offensive person in the room on that day; an ex-archbishop of Newark displays his Jersey smarts:

His eminence Theodore McCarrick, cardinal of Washington D.C. and former archbishop of Newark, spoke at the event. McCarrick also stressed the necessity for a discussion, and quoted from the Quran to echo Khatami’s call for setting aside cultural differences.“Today, we remind all people of good will that the enemy of America is not Islam or Afghanistan, but intolerance, injustice and despair,” McCarrick said.

Yet I wonder - who is it that creates most of the "intolerance, injustice and despair" that exists in the world these days, Mr. McCarrick ? Care to answer that one ?

Of course he can't. Because he, like the misguided Monsignor (who uses the cloak of "Catholic values" to silence those with whom he disagrees), would have to look into the mirror - or even worse, their souls - and face up to the true meaning of the worldview they are pimping for.

One would think these men of the cloth would know what the Road to Hell is paved with...

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