Sunday, October 23, 2005

Meanwhile, in Bizarro World...

...otherwise known as the BBC, the United States is a festering hellhole not worthy of our miserable existence. Today's headlines include:

US Probe into 'Taleban burnings'
{Americans, in what the reporter, John Martinkus, describes as a "deliberate desecration of Muslim beliefs", may have burned the dead bodies of Taliban terrorists!! This one comes complete with proud pix of muslim children swearing their allegience to the Mujadeen...for the truth on these trumped-up charges, see LGF link here: }

US firm admits Oil-for-Food bribe
{These guys were strictly small fry; can't seem to find much about France's bloody hands, though...}

US Defeated in Film Row
Only a direct quote can show the horrors that lie within:
The United Nations cultural body voted in favour of a cultural diversity convention, backed by France, Canada and the UK.
The US had said the "deeply flawed" convention could be used to block the export of Hollywood films and other cultural exports.

...that's right, fellow Americans, we have been defeated...

US Planning Invasion - Chavez
{Read a few hundreds words of unquestioned wisdom from the mouth of South America's premiere despot!}

US diplomats in London roads row
US diplomats who refuse to pay London's traffic congestion charge are guilty of an "abuse of hospitality", the city assembly's transport spokesman says

...never can get tired of putting the words "abuse", "guilty", and "U.S." side by side, can you?

President George Bush: Troubled Times
Bush is in bad shape at a press conference:
From the president, a strained-sounding reply...

And trust me, this isn't even the half of it...see here for the complete carnival of BBC insanity...

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