Saturday, October 29, 2005

France's Race Riots! Shhhh...

Via E-nough!:

Hundreds of angry youths rioted in a Paris suburb early on Thursday, setting fire to cars and shop fronts, after two of their peers were electrocuted while fleeing police.
The rampage in Clichy-sous-Bois, northeast of Paris, started with an attack on firefighters called in to help the two youths, who died after seeking cover next to an electrical transformer. A third youth suffered serious burns.
Crowds of rioters hurled stones at the firefighters then rioted through the streets until early morning, leaving a trail of charred destruction as they set fire to cars, garbage cans and buildings.

Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy said the three had not been “physically pursued” by the police.

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"An attack on firefighters"...interesting that neither of the two reports quoted mention the ethnicity of the rioters; especially surprising given the politically correct and racially charged tone of the Western media. Maybe...

...The reason is obvious. The cult of multiculturalism holds that all minorities are victims of the majority, and therefore minorities must always be blameless.


Yesterday's point, illustrated that's instant gratification!

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