Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Iraqi Voters 2, Western Media 0

The second time, since the liberation of their nation, that the Iraqi people have voted for peace, democracy, and sanity - all despite (or in spite of) a mainstream media that insists on chaos, racial strife, and American defeat. Ralph Peters in today's New York Post uses better words than I to express much of the sentiment of this blog:

Iraq may yet fail as a unified state. Violence will continue. But what's frustrating is the determination of so many in our media to convince the American people that Iraq's a hopeless mess. It's an example of vanity, selfishness and spite virtually without precedent in the history of journalism....The greatest tragedy imaginable for our "mainstream media" would be to have to admit that President Bush was right about Iraq

We've said it here before - the media would rather let millions suffer and die than admit that their worldview may be incorrect. That's liberalism for you?

A startling number of editors and opinion columnists have been wrong about every development in Iraq (and Afghanistan). First, they predicted a bloody, protracted war against Saddam's military. Then they predicted civil war. They insisted that Iraq's first elections would fail amid a bloodbath. Then they declared that Iraq's elected delegates would not be able to agree on a draft constitution. Next, they thundered that Iraq's Sunni Arabs wouldn't vote...

A herd mentality has taken over the editorial boards. Ignoring all evidence to the contrary, columnists write about our inevitable "retreat" from Iraq, declaring that "everyone knows" our policies have no chance of success.

And yet, despite a track record of failure, they continue to appear on every talk show. Doesn't anyone at the networks vet these guys? Or do the gatekeepers only allow those whom subscribe to a certain philosophy (BushAmerica bad, Muslims misunderstood) to pass through?
Anyway, Peters sums up these despicable media lowlifes perfectly:

We are dealing with parasitical creatures who, never having done anything practical themselves, insist that the bravery and sacrifice of others has no meaning. Their egos have grown so enormous that they would sacrifice the future of Iraq's 26 million human beings just so they could write "I told you so." And, of course, the greatest military experts are those who never served a day in uniform.

The mission we've set for ourselves in Iraq is a tough one. Mistakes made it even harder. But any man or woman of integrity would have to admit that our troops have performed with remarkable skill and tenacity — and that the Iraqi people have displayed confounding courage in their efforts to build a just government for themselves.

A media with no integrity. It's time to burn the whole establishment to the ground (figuratively), sprinkle some holy water on it, and start anew.

Actually, the process has begun...

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