Friday, October 14, 2005

Hey, America-Hater! You too can win a Nobel Prize...

From Daimination!, we learn about the standards of the Nobel Prize committee:

"Harold Pinter, an outspoken member of the International Committee to Defend Slobodan Milosevic, has been awarded the 2005 Nobel Prize for Literature - ostensibly because of his contributions to the dramatic arts, most of which occurred several decades ago, but more likely because of this kind of thing:"

The United States is a monster out of control. Unless we challenge it with absolute determination American barbarism will destroy the world. The country is run by a bunch of criminal lunatics, with Blair as their hired Christian thug. The planned attack on Iraq is an act of premeditated mass murder.

Here's a poem, it's called The Bombs:

There are no more words to be said
All we have left are the bombs
Which burst out of our head
All that is left are the bombs
Which suck out the last of our blood
All we have left are the bombs
Which polish the skulls of the dead

In fact there are at least 2 more words to be said, the first is "Resistance". And the second I address to Tony Blair "Resign! Resign! Resign!"

Demented human, and a terrible poet to boot - well, the fact that he now shares company with Yassar Arafat kinda says it all, no?

Link to Daimian Penny here:

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The probligo said...

How many of the following are "America haters"?

Roy J Glauber
John L Hall

David J Gross
H David Politzer
Frank Wilczek

Alexei A Abrikosov
Anthony J Leggett

Raymond Davis Jr
Riccardo Giaconni

Y'see, the point is that the Nobel Foundation rewards people for excellence irrespective of political beliefs or affiliation

It is perhaps a trait that you might do well to learn.

I am not a great fan of Pinter. I know (after hearing him interviewed on radio last night) it is unlikely that he will accept his Laureate.

But that should not prevent his recognition as a leading author, playwright and poet of the late 20th century.

Oh, btw the names above are the Nobel Physics Laureates for the past 4 years.

Another thought - if "America haters" are the best qualification for a Nobel Prize then the Smurfs will get the next Peace award...