Thursday, April 19, 2012

Liberals Sure Do Like Their Women...Chained them, for as long as they keep their looks, anyway. Or to their desks, earning big bucks, so that leftist men can pursue more noble pursuits.  Like other women.  Or to their ideology, which permits liberal men to have all the commitment-free sex they want.  But mostly, liberal men want their women chained to birth control, so that no one is forced into adult "responsibility" that would end the bacchanalian party a moment to soon.

Newsweek - perhaps the media publication that reflects best the inner immature working of the liberal mind - lets their dirty little secret out, most likely in the belief that all right-thinking individuals think as they do.

Misogyny? Or just the liberal Democratic rape-gang on the rampage?

Ladies, make no mistake:  This is how the Left sees you.  Working to support them, and ready to be stripped, blindfolded, tied up, and fucked like an animal when you come home.

It's out there now.  Don't say they didn't warn you...

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