Monday, April 30, 2012

George Takei Is An Idiot

Yeah, I know, how can I be so mean?  Mr. Sulu is funny, witty, a pop-culture internet sensation, and oh-so-delightfully gay!

But like most liberals, he has anger issues, and he displaces most of them upon American conservatives, who have little if nothing to do with him and his myriad of issues.

Takei writes what would be a moving piece about his - and his family's -  imprisonment in Japanese internment camps in Arkansas and California shortly after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.  Takei goes on to describe the horrific conditions and the cruel injustice of the camps, and how they tore apart families and communities.

Fine and good.  Takei speaks of the 70th anniversary of those dark days, and he is a good spokesman for the cause.  But what struck me is that within the entire piece, he does not once mention the name of the man who ordered Japanese-Americans to be marched from their homes and into squalid camps: FDR.

He does mention the name of one politician, though:

President Ronald Reagan only reluctantly signed the Civil Liberties Act of 1988. It expressed regret for the injustice and paid a token redress of $20,000 to those survivors still alive. My father had already passed away in 1979, never to know of the apology or receive the redress money.

"Reluctantly"?  There is no record of Reagan being reluctant to sign this bill.  Takei can only imagine Reagan as most liberals of the time saw him - as a simpleton, a warmonger, and a rabid conservative - and so makes an assumption about his mindset that has no factual or historical basis.

Kyle Smith goes further:

So Reagan’s alleged state of mind is more worthy of note than the name of the man who put Takei and his family in prison. The one political figure Takei singles out for his wrath, the man we should despise for all this is the one president who apologized and made partial amends for the outrage.

Can I make an assumption about Takei's mindset?  He cannot criticize FDR, the lion of the Left whose name is still spoken with reverence, regardless of the hate crimes he committed against Takei and his family.  Frustrated, he lashes out at the one man who said, "I'm sorry", unloading his repressed rage and hostility upon an acceptable (by the Left), if entirely innocent, target.

I'm sorry about what happened to you and your family, George.  I'm sorry your hero treated you so shabbily.  And I understand you must harbor feelings of rage and resentment that I cannot hope to understand.

But when you attack with vengeance the one man who offered you his hand, sympathy dips a bit, I'm sorry to say.  And while I can fairly say that you and your family were mistreated by FDR and his government, I can also say this:

For a grown man, you're a puerile little bitch.  And an idiot to boot...


Right Truth said...

I'm an old Star Trek fan, so is hubby. I always liked the characters and the actors. When George Takei (Sulu) 'came out', you could have knocked me over with a feather. But hey, what he does in his bedroom is his business. I don't agree with it, but...

I had not heard about his history and the camps, I too feel for him and what happened. The fact that his Liberalism (probably because of his sexual preference) trumps actual history is a real shame. But he is not alone.

Shame on him.

Right Truth

Anonymous said...

You do the very thing you accuse Mr. Takei of doing. He simply mentioned Reagan as the only president to have taken any action. He does not "rage" against Reagan, or display any of the traits you made up in your own puerile mind. Anyone with even a passing familiarity with the issue knows FDR signed the order. Few know that Reagan actually responded, so the statement is informative. Mr. Takei is disappointed with the response, and I don't blame him, but he is nowhere near the "lashing" and other extremes you invented.

Jarvis said...

I agree with Anonymous.

Also "like most liberals, he has anger issues"?

As a liberal person, I'm torn between mirth and despair. Not anger.

But thanks for the lashings of delicious irony.

Anonymous said...

"FDR, the lion of the Left". Really!? More like the person and administration responsible for co-oping and squashing the possibility of a true socialist movement by recuperating the labor movement into the state, thereby destroying its militancy.

Anonymous said...

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