Monday, April 16, 2012

Green Energy Stimulus, Aussie-Style

Doesn't matter what hemisphere of the planet you are spinning on, shit is still gonna smell like shit.  Via Tim Blair:

2008: The Rudd Government will give Toyota $35 million to produce hybrid Camry vehicles at its Altona plant in Melbourne, the Prime Minister Kevin Rudd announced.

2012: Toyota has hired extra security to march 350 workers out of its Altona plant today, as it finally brings down the axe on jobs.

Green stimulus morphs to brown-shirts?  "Australian Manufacturing Workers Union (AMWU) official Charlie Marmara said the tactics employed by Toyota, including calling in security guards and transporting workers across the road in vans, were heavy-handed. "

Used be a time when aping American policy moves were a recipe for success, not a policy for disaster.  And while Rudd squandered his taxpayer cash prior to the inauguration of Barack Obama, the move was made during the pre-election heyday of The One.   It appears as if Australian liberals are ≥ their American counterparts....

Because if they really were as smart as they believe themselves to be, the federally-employed leftist intelligentsia would be getting out their resumes, stat. A look Down Under would provide them a stark vision of their future:

The federal Department of Climate Change will shed nearly half of its Canberra-based staff within the next three years as it struggles with further deep budget cuts.

 Affected employees, all of whom are based in Canberra, would be offered ‘’job application skills training to better equip them in seeking alternative employment... "

"Job skills training"? Can you imagine the protestations of our bureaucratic class, forced to face the same dehumanizing blandishments they insist are necessary for the betterment of the working class?

 Their hypocritical howls would echo down the Potomac and haunt the night in Chesapeake Bay...

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