Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Israeli Children Huddle In Bomb Shelters While Palestinian Kids Skip To School

What the media won't tell you, because narrative maintenance is more important than truth:

Even as every school in southern Israel was closed for four days, keeping tens of thousands of students home, children in the Gaza Strip continued going to school as usual.

The preferred narrative, of course, is that Israel uses “indiscriminate and excessive force” against Palestinian civilians. But it turns out real live Palestinians know better: They know Israel actually makes great efforts to avoid hitting civilian targets, and therefore, it’s perfectly safe to send their children to school. In contrast, Israelis can’t safely send their children to school, because Palestinian terrorists really do use indiscriminate force, making a school full of children an invitation to a mass-casualty incident. Indeed, a rocket hit an (empty) school in Beersheba on Sunday, and rockets have also struck (empty) schools during previous rounds

Not exactly a "bottle rocket":  This is what that Palestinians are shooting at Jewish schools...Grads:
Each 2.87-metre (9 ft 5 in) rocket is..armed with high explosive/fragmentation, incendiary, or chemical warheads can be fired 20 kilometres (12 mi). Newer high explosive and cargo (used to deliver anti-personnel or antitank mines) rockets have a range of 30 kilometres (19 mi) and more. Warheads weigh around 20 kilograms (44 lb), depending on the type.

The beloved Palestinians bombs school, actually hoping and praying to kill innocent children. The Israelis, on the other hand, will allow the guilty to go free rather than risk shedding the blood of the blameless. And yet the Israelis are painted as the bad guys. Does the international community want a world full of Gazas?

Asked why Palestinians support the rocket fire despite knowing Israel will retaliate, a Palestinian “friend” told Haaretz reporter Amira Hass: “The mission of the rockets is not to liberate Palestine or win the battle, but to hurt, to cause the Israelis suffering.”.

The price for finishing off the Jews may be high, if this is the type of behavior that is rewarded. But it is, from the UN to Barack Hussein Obama to a world-wide media that won't publicize and inconvenient truth, lest it dampen the the globe's insatiable appetite for Jewish blood...

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Anonymous said...

A lie is a lie, even if you repeat it ad vomitum. Zionism is like crabs in the groin of the Palestinians.