Friday, December 16, 2011

Jon Corzine Fumes: "I Thought I Paid That Bitch Off!"

Ah, now we know.  At the intersection of politics and Big Money we find... vengeance.  And a woman scorned.

Neither of which is good news for Jon Corzine:

The Democratic senator who savaged Jon Corzine at a high-profile Capitol Hill hearing this week had another reason to go hard on her former colleague — she recently pressed him for campaign contributions but didn’t get any.

“She would literally call once every two or three weeks,” one Corzine intimate said of Sen. Debbie Stabenow (DMich.).
“She called all the time.”

Stabenow, chair of the Senate Agriculture Committee, had blasted the former senator and New Jersey governor Tuesday for his failure to explain what happened to $1.2 billion in missing customer money from his bankrupt firm, MF Global.

“This isn’t the Dark Ages,” she lectured. “MF Global didn’t keep their books with feather quills and dusty ledgers.”

Sources in Corzine’s inner circle said they were “stunned” and “amazed” by Stabenow’s attack.
The two had served together in the Senate, but Corzine hasn’t delivered with contributions in some time

Dirty Debbie didn't get her dues on time from Crooked Jon, so she's sending a message to the rest of her fat-cat plutocrat bank-rollers: This could be you, if you don't keep bringing the Benjamins...

What's worse: Stabenow's refusal to stay bought, or Corzine's assumption that she was paid in full, and was thus safe from an attack from his "left" flank?

I mean, really. Just...yuk. It's like watching a brother and sister f*ck, then claw each other's eyes out afterwards, while still drenched in each other's sweat.

Sick porn? Something out of the animal kingdom?

No. Just business as usual at the United States Senate...

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