Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Investment Advice for 2011-2012

So, while having dinner with a group of friends (yes, the same aforementioned meal from which I received insights on the immigration debacle), I was listening to one pontificate on the best place to invest money during the current economic upheaval.

"Gold", he said, and only gold.  "Don't get scared off by the $1800/ounce price", he advised, as it will cross the $2K rubicon soon enough, and continue northwards from there.

"But what if you can't afford ingots of $2,000 gold",  I asked the player, "or have your investments in securities that are penalized if they are liquidated into cash too rapidly?  What's my next best option?"

My friend held my gaze coolly for a moment for a moment, but replied without hesitation, and without a smile.

"Ammunition.  And lots of it.  Preferably matched up with a large caliber handgun...."

I've been thinking about it. And I'm starting to realize this might have been the best finanacial advice I have ever received....


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