Friday, July 01, 2011

Thad McCotter Teaches Us How To Speak Democratic

Oh, it's going to be a lively primary season, as the dry-witted, sardonic, sarcastic, and intelligent Representative Thaddeus McCotter throws his hat into the Republican ring.  I'm not sure I see a compelling reason to make him president, but like Rick Santorum, he'll keep the other candidates on their toes and perhaps force them to be more forthcoming than they might ordinarily be.

If you want a compelling reason, well...I suppose this video might have to do for now.  With the delivery of a late-late night TV host, he helpfully translates Democratic-speak into its terrifying English equivalent.  My favorites:

"Invest" translates to..."Waste"
Used in a sentence...Democrats will invest your money.  Translation:  Democrats will waste your money

And then there's "Green Collar Jobs" translates to...unemployment...

A lot more on guitar-playing Thaddeus McCotter here. He's an interesting fellow, to be sure...

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