Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Promising Election Results in New Jersey ?

As a Republican, every election night in New Jersey is a Stephen King novel come to life, with electoral horrors to boggle the mind and sear the soul.
Last night's results are all yet to be fully tallied, but here's what I like best so far - that at least two of those insane ballot "propositions" look likely to go down. And it's a repudiation of the idiocy of Jon Corzine by the state's voters. To wit:

Gov. Jon Corzine (D-N.J.) voted Tuesday at a Hoboken firehouse, and took time to give his agendas a last-minute push.
New Jersey voters are heading to the polls to elect 120 lawmakers to the state Senate and Assembly. They are also taking up the issue of whether the state should borrow millions for open space preservation and stem cell research.
"We can be on the very cutting edge on helping human beings, families, fighting degenerative diseases," Corzine said of the stem cell measure....

Let's see how the governor did with his attempt to use half a billion dollars of New Jersey taxpayer dollars in order to poke a stick in George Bush's eye:

Question 2 - Stem Cell Research -- 4,134 of 6,289 precincts reporting (66%)
No 450,099 - 54%
Yes 381,271 - 46%

And what about his scam to use a tax hike in order to set up...another tax hike? Hmmm, not so well, Guvvie :

Question 1 - Dedicated Use of Taxes -- 4,134 of 6,289 precincts reporting (66%)
No 438,738 - 54%
Yes 377,045 - 46%

And can I be any prouder of my home district? We re-elected one of the best Republican lawmakers in the state with a boffo margin (and kept good folks in the Assembly as well):

State Senate - District 13 -- 109 of 156 precincts reporting (70%)
Joe Kyrillos GOP 18,527 - 63%
Leonard Inzerillo Dem 11,049 - 37%

State Assembly - District 13 -- 109 of 156 precincts reporting (70%)
Samuel Thompson GOP 16,254 - 29%
Amy Handlin GOP 16,712 -29%

Patricia Walsh Dem 12,355 - 22%
Bob Brown Dem 11,422 - 20%

At this juncture, it appears as if the Democrats have not picked up any additional seats locally this year - and yes, that's a win at this point in time in New Jersey. You need to stop the wave before you can turn it back...and with the key '08 elections rushing down upon us, this is as good a time as any to make a stand.

Finally - looks like Corzine's "idiot" statute - or "Voting Rights", to use Orwellian Newspeak - has passed:

Question 4 - Voting Rights -- 4,149 of 6,289 precincts reporting (66%)
Yes 479,368 - 59%
No 328,526 - 41%

Too bad -guess he still gets to vote....

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