Sunday, November 18, 2007

Corzine delivers a knockout blow to boxing in New Jersey !

What a grand list of accomplishments Jon Corzine has as Governor of New Jersey! First, he shreds the social contract by pushing the legalization of gay marriage, he spends us into bankruptcy with liberal pork projects, he endangers the safety of every man, woman, and child by turning the state into an illegal-immigrant "sanctuary zone", he attempts (and fails, hopefully, with the stunnung defeat of the bill's two biggest backers) to eliminate hunting and fishing while supporting the rights of bears over humans, and finally...drives out the nation's best boxing commissioner because he dared warn of flaws in the system:

When New Jersey Attorney General Anne Milgram fired boxing commissioner Larry Hazzard last week, it removed another experienced boxing administrator from a sport that sorely needs as much help as it can get.
.... Hazzard was forced out, leaving behind a situation that he believes will be hazardous to the health and safety of boxers and mix martial arts fighters who fight in New Jersey.

The attorney general's office would not comment on why Hazzard was fired. Hazzard was appointed to the newly created New Jersey State Athletic Control Board by Gov. Tom Kean in 1985 and had served at the pleasure of the other governors since. Apparently, Gov. Jon Corzine wasn't too pleased when Hazzard sent him a letter outlining his concerns that his staff had been gutted of experienced people and that had created a situation that was putting boxers in jeopardy.

"We had highly paid indviduals who make $90,000 doing nothing more than inputting data into computers," Hazzard said by telephone from his Edison, N.J., home this past week. "Some of the blunders that were being made are very serious and putting boxers in situations that could lead them to being seriously injured or killed."

Hazzard said he had his lawyer, James Binns, put those concerns in a letter that was sent to Gov. Corzine.
"I asked for some assistance in addressing these issues," Hazzard said. "Instead of addressing the issues that needed to be addressed, they brought me into the office, thanked me for my years of service and let me go."....

Hazzard, who was one of the best referees in the game before moving to the administrative side of boxing, wasn't going to win any contests for Mr. Congeniality. But the New Jersey boxing commission was one of the best in the world under his leadership....

Ah, there's the problem! Not that Corzine had his cronies making almost six-figures doing (a poor job of) data entry, but that New Jersey (gasp!) was the best at something. Why, that might make other states feel bad, and lead to hurt feelings!

So was Corzine's motive vengence, or liberal stupidity? Does it matter? Once again, under his leadership, New Jersey continues to sink into national irrelevance, while becoming a national joke...

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Anonymous said...

And I guarentee he will be re-elected by a Jersey electorate who would rather be raped and pillaged by a Democrat than treated with respect by a (gasp!) Republican.