Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Go out and VOTE, Dagnabit!

Yeah, I know it is raining outside and there are no "major" seats up, but it is in these off-year elections with less than 40% voter turnout that one can make their voice truly heard for a change.

As for myself, I am going to vote "no" on all those stupid ballot initiatives; each one is a way to drain more dollars from the taxpayer's pocket (yes, even the sales tax/property tax initiative is a scam; just allows the Legislature to raise taxes elsewhere). As far as "Question 4" - changing the wording of "idiot or insane person" in the voting rights clause - well...I'd like to keep them in. May be able to be used in the future to keep certain far-lefties away from the booth....!

And locally, I gues I'll be voting for unaffiliated Matthew Sulikowski for Mayor of Old Bridge. Met him (and all the mayoral candidates) at the bus stop; while the mainstream party candidates seemed bored while going through the motions of back slapping, Mr. Sulikowski came off as...completely nuts.

Makes him perfectly qualified to hold office in this state, as far as I am concerned.

Have fun!

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Jim - PRS said...

I will proudly go to the polls and do my thing, even though I feel as if I am pissing into a strong wind.