Sunday, June 18, 2006

North Korea in Photos

While the world frets over a possible missle test by North Korea, I'll link you to a photo shoot taken by a Russian businessman (one Artemii Lebedev) on a recent trip there (the photos are posted on a US Military website). How bad is the situation inside North Korea? I'll take three out of the many posted above to express a point...

First, let's see how the average North Korean family needs to spend its day to survive, and mantain some dignity:

Next, what does the capitol city of Pyongyang really look like? A bird's eye view:

No wonder they prefer pictures to be taken at night, where only the tallest building are lit and visible - it hides the hovels that scatter even the showcase city of this evil regime.

It's a genocide of a different type - the hate crime is perpetrated upon the very spirits and souls of the North Koreans by their leaders, who keep them locked in a psychotic hellhole in order to retain power over them. There is no difference between the peoples of the prosperous South and impoverished North except in the philosophy of their leadership. Kim Il Song and his compadres are like demented foster parents who keep their children locked up in closets; stunting and warping them for life for their own ends.

It is a crime, a tragedy, and our shame will be that much greater when, eventually, the gates fall from the DMZ and the horror stories really spill out.
In the meantime, view the pictures!

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Anonymous said...

absolutely tragic - no matter how badly these people are suffering,every penny in "aid" we give them helps the regime live on. It is a gutwrenching point, but we need to let this regime die on the vine so that NK can rebuild itself with dignity.