Monday, June 26, 2006

Israel at a Crossroads?

Atlas reports that two longstanding terrorists regimes have their filthy fingers up Hamas' ass, as the Palestinian Regime of Hate does their master's bidding:

While the U.S., European countries and many Arab leaders have been applying international pressure on the Hamas-led Palestinian government to free an Israeli soldier kidnapped in a raid yesterday, Iran and Syria today pressured Hamas to hold on to their captive, diplomatic sources involved in the negotiations told WorldNetDaily.

Oh how could you leave us, Arik Sharon?? One does not think he would have tolerated this for long; but Olmert is too wrapped up in pleasing the Eurodogs who want his people exterminated anyway...DEBKA reports on the growing frustration within the IDF:

Yitzhak Ben-Israel, a member of the prime minister’s Kadima party, said in a state radio interview on June 22: “This is not the finest hour of Israel’s national security leadership.” Pressed to elaborate on who in particular he meant, the general mentioned prime minister Ehud Olmert and defense minister Amir Peretz.
He reminded listeners that the IDF, its commanders and men, do not function in a vacuum. In Israel, after putting forward their recommendations and arguments, army chiefs must defer to the orders of elected government and bound to carry out the tasks assigned them. Therefore, since the government has instructed the IDF to confine itself to air force activity in the war against the Qassam missile – and barred all other means of warfare, the military has no option but to obey.”

The result is a simple equation, DEBKAfile’s military experts say.
Heightened Palestinian missile attacks on Israeli civilian locations generate increased air force activity to stop them. The further the Qassam launchers retreat for shelter into populated areas, the greater the number of Palestinian civilians who stand to be hurt. Therefore, the effort to avoid civilian casualties on the Palestinian side is tantamount to bringing the IDF’s counter-missile war to a full stop.
While the Israeli prime minister repeatedly vows “We will never compromise in the fight against terror,” he and the defense minister are consciously tying the IDF’s hands against pursuing this fight.

The Palestinians have long percieved hesitation to act as weakness, and have exploited it for over a decade. How long will Olmert last, basking in the reflected glory of fashionable diplomatic dinners, while his country is ruthlessly attacked?
A no-confidence vote won't be long in coming; and whomever might succeed Olmert is much more likely, given the current circumstances, to be bent towards harsher miltary and economic retalitation against Palestinians.

This is going to get way, way worse....

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Anonymous said...

Olmert seems more European in thinking than Israeli; seems to lack that survival instinct that has kep Israel around this long