Saturday, June 24, 2006

Here's A Wall You Forgot, Mr. Waters!

Lou Minetti points out the collossal hypocrisy of Roger Waters' self-important demands that Israel tear down the security barrier that has saved hundreds of innocent Jews from dying at terrorists hands:

I notice that Roger has never protested the wall pictured below. Or more precisely, the double-layered electrified fence topped with razor wire and patrolled by armed soldiers.

This is a barrier the Spanish government has erected in Morocco, a sovereign country, in order to prevent African immigrants from entering Spain. But where are the shouts about an "apartheid wall"? Why don't I hear the cries of "racism!" leveled against Spain, like those that are thrown at the U.S. whenever the erection of a similar wall to run along the Mexican border is debated?


Spain continues to occupy African territory. It seems odd that Roger finds nothing wrong when Europeans build such a barrier in a foreign land to keep out unarmed people who want nothing except a job and a better life, but hates it when Jews build a wall in their own land to protect themselves from suicide bombers.

More European anti-Semitism, and anti-Americanism...why do we even give this crumbling continent - the home of fascism, communism, and the Holocaust - the time of day anymore?


Anonymous said...

Put Waters in the "Shut up and Sing!" file.

Jkw said...

Who is the guy that designed the Morocco wall??
Can we get him to build one like it down there in Airzona!!