Friday, May 01, 2009

Obama a "Ratings" Flop !!

President Narcissus believes the American people can't get enough of his divine presence or his mellifluous voice, hence his propensity to schedule a live primetime press conference every 30-odd days.

But television -with its thumbs-up/thumbs-down rating methodolgy - is the ultimate democratic medium. And based on the vote totals - sorry, I mean viewer totals - it seems as if less and less folks want to hear from the master of lies and self-absorbtion:

Audience interest in Barack Obama’s news conferences seems to be falling, with Wednesday’s press event drawing the president’s smallest primetime audience since his inauguration.

The telecast to mark Obama’s 100th day in office was viewed by 28.8 million people, according to Nielsen. That's a 29% drop from the president's last press conference, on March 24, and a 42% fall since his first, on Feb. 9.

Ten networks carried the telecast, which is one less than last time since Fox elected to run its detective drama Lie to Me (7.8 million, 2.3 national adults 18-49 rating) instead. Airing its regular entertainment programming saved Fox ad dollars but didn’t help the show much. Lie pulled the same rating it did last week. Yet, like last week, it won the 8 p.m. hour.

Here's the president's last three primetime news events:

Feb: 9: 49.5 million
March 24: 40.4 million
April 29: 28.8 million

Seems like folks are tuning him out. You know what happens with television shows that show a sharp and steady slide in ratings, right?

Alas, we're stuck with this poorly-scripted, transparent sitcom for three more years. But perhaps a ratings review in 2010 will affect the tone and tenor of future performances...?

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Anonymous said...

Seinfeld was very smart...he got out before the ratings killed him.