Friday, February 16, 2007

Late Night Snack....

Mr. Roger Simon, a thoughtful man who usually chooses his words carefully, gets a tad unhinged as he goes after the media's kid-glove treatment of John Murtha...and I love it:

Anne Flaherty of the AP fervently kisses the feet of John Murtha in her idolatrous news reporting today
"Murtha Moves to Forefront of Iraq Debate." . I doubt who John Murtha really is slipped her mind (even though it isn't in the article), but I will remind her. John Murtha is a creepy, corrupt politician who escaped an Abscam indictment by testifying against his peers...

....Murtha is pond scum. The best you can say of him is that he is the kind of pol who - knowing full well he was dealing with corrupt criminals willing to give bribes- urges those same criminals to invest in his district before bribing him.
("Don Corleone, please invest in my sister's brothel...").

Yow. And I think Simon is being kind, incidentally. The Washington Post, shockingly, goes after Pelosi's little bitch-boy as well:

Mr. Murtha's cynicism is matched by an alarming ignorance about conditions in Iraq.

Is that a nice way of saying the same thing that Roger is?

Ricky Martin - remember him? - apparently has "joined the other team".
No. Really:

his performance in Puerto Rico, Ricky Martin stuck his middle finger out when he mentioned President Bush’s name. In the song Asignatura Pendiente, there is a line in the lyrics that goes:

“A photo with Bush…”

As he said this, Ricky gave him the F-you treatment and the crowd of 18,000 fans went crazy and cheered.
The irony in all of this is that Ricky was one of the artists to sing for Bush during his inauguration as President.

"If that is the way the wind is blowing, let no-one say that Ricky does not also blow." (with apologies to
Mayor "Diamond Joe" Quimby)

And what's a Friday night without a March on the Dildo-Waving Hookers, via Right Truth:

A woman named Dirty Martini did a striptease. Weighing in at well over 200 pounds, she finished her routine wearing only a G-string and pasties.

Yow. Right Truth is really just making her points about the ACLU; but it's way more alluring out of context...sorry, R.T.~

How about Mitt Romney - with a brush mustache?

Mitt Romney has officially announced his intentions to steal the 2008 election, yet it has aroused little excitement in fellow party members who feel he’s not “conservative” enough for their support. Romney's against gay marriage and less than enthusiastic about abortion – he’d have to invade Poland to be any more “conservative”. Still, the GOP mullahs are worried that Romney may only be pretending to be one of them to woo Republican voters.
Gosh, if there was only some way for Romney to show the GOP that his conservativism is sincere...

And finally - Madonna tells us how she cares so about the world and everyone in it, but most importantly - she cares about herself!

I want to be like Gandhi and Martin Luther King and John Lennon – but I want to stay alive.

We are blessed, in these times of international crisis, to have among us so many brave celebrities...

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Erica said...

I'm so hooked on this Murtha/ABSCAM scandal, that I am just chomping at the bit...can you imagine?!

I just read a story recently of a rape that took place here in Brooklyn, and a landlord who participated in the rape (but who was not the ringleader) received a lesser sentence because he agreed to testify.

So not only is he the lowest form of pond scum, he's also a stinkin' rat who deserves the mark of the squealer, and Murthafucker ain't noooooo frickin' different.

I swear, I was just watching that YouTube video, and I was positively riveted. It really wasn't, as was pointed out, just Hannity was like...all there, out in the open.

I'm shocked.

No I'm not.